Dealers and their spaces as of 8-1-17 - See the On-Line Map   AUGUST 4TH, 5TH and 6TH  
        Some Vendors and Spaces are Tentative  
  Dealers, please verify your specialty and let me know of any changes -    
  Business Name Name Booth Number Specialty  
  Cowboy-Con Information  INFORMATION 1 Information  
  Miner's Lunch Box/Orovada Mining   2,3,4 Gold Minerals and Mining Memrobilia  
  Buck Montgomery   5 Movie industry  
    Victor and Ilsa Snow 6 Entertainment Performance  
  2 Spirits Trading Ken Osborne 7,8 Western Collectibles & Native American Jewelry  
  Trigger's Western Boutique  Sue 9,10 Western Clothing  
  Stitchin Horse Ranch Hal & Vi Moldenhauer 11 Cowboy Leathercraft  
  Peter Sheryako Peter Sheryako 13,14 Tombstone, Deadwood Movie Exhibits  
  Larry Poole Larry Poole 15,16 Western Exhibits  
  Ron Clayton (Rifle) Ron Clayton 17 Hombre Exhibit (Paul Newman)  
    Katie Ritter 18,19 Antiques and Collectibles  
    Dorothy Rhodes 21 Victorian Lampshades  
    Heather Prudhume 27,28,29,30 Antiques and Collectibles  
  Heritage Knives Collectibles John Etten 33,34 Custom Knives and Sheaths  
  Northern Nevada Coin Allen Rowe 35,36 Silver Buckles and Silver Bars  
  Wild Horse Conservancy   44 Non Profit Wild Horse  
  Antique Antics Dan Clements 43,53 Antiques and Collectibles  
  Peppertree Gifts Roseanne Capriotti 52,62,72 Antiques and Collectibles  
  Heros for Horses VA Administration 54 Therepy Program  
  James C Perry   57 Promotional Property  
  Things by Brinda   60 Hand made period goods  
    Elmira Copeland 63 Native American Beading  
    Sue Eckert 64 Vintage Clothing  
  Old Tales of Nevada John O'Brein 65 TV promotional  
  Memory Laine Smith   66 Western Photography  
  Strings of Reno/Two Cameras   71 Photo/Promotional  
    DeLynda DeLeon 73 Antiques and Collectibles  
    Carol Forbes 74 Vintage Jewelry  
  Cowboy Country Radio   75,76 Live production (Radio)  
  L & L Reclaimed Wood   79,80 Reclaimed Wood Decor  
  Rock Envy  Alan and Bobbi Metzger 81 Stone Artisan Jewelry and Specimens, Antiques  
    John Ojeda 83,84 Antiques and Collectibles  
  Tribute to John & Robert Mitchum Cindy Azbill 85,86 Tribute to John & Robert Mitchum  
  Reno Tahoe Rustic Decor   89,90 Western Furniture  
    Larry Nicholson 92 Antiques and Collectibles  
  Ray Heiser   93 Promotional Western Movie  
  Charlie Leusur   94 B Western Expert and Author Promotional  
  Robbie Patterson Cowgirl Power 95 Non Profit paintings for rescue horses  
  Stefan T.  Arngrimson   96 Actor Promotional  
  7th Michigan Cavalry, Company F   99 Promotional Western Cavalry  
  Quick Space Informational   100 Promotional  
  Trinity Heart Media Studios   101,102,109,110 Promotional and Western  
  Everett Blix   103,111,119 Custom Made Knives  
  Wonded Veterans Healing with Horses Robbie Peterson 103 Promotional Western Life  
  John Garfinkle   104 Found Treasures  
  Let'em Run/ Robin Adair   105 Promotional  
  Nevada Civil War Volunteers   107 Civil War Promotional  
  JWS Entertainment Jeffrey Wayne Sutherland 108 Live production   
  Reno Rodeo   112,120 Informational  
  Greenhorn Guest Ranch   113 Greenhorn Ranch in Quincy Ca.  
  John Mars   115 Promotional Western Movie  
  Final Breath Eddie Floyd 116 Non profit Wild Horses  
    Wes Abendroth 117 Western memoribilia and antique firearms  
  Virginia Nevada Studio Doc Durden 118,126 Promotional Western Movie  
  Holabird Western Americana   121,129 Auction Items  
  Steve Moriarty   123 Actor Promotional  
    Ross S. Mortensen 124 Promotional Western Movie  
  Nevada 1st Cavalry   125 Promotional Western Cavalry