Dealers and their spaces as of 6-27-2020 - See the On-Line Map   JULY 25,26 2020 VENDORS
http://www.tannersreno.com Reno Sparks Convention Center Some Vendors and Spaces are Tentative
Dealers, please verify your specialty and let me know of any changes - Dan  
Business Name Name Booth Number Specialty
  Larry Nicholson 1,2 Antiques and Collectibles
  Bonnie Rodgers 5 Antiques and Collectibles
  John Ojeda 6,7 Fine Antiques and Collectibles
Sisters Theresa Mueting 9 Antiques and Collectibles, Jewelry +
Sylvia's Sterling Sylvia Davis 10,11,12 Sterling Silver Matching Service
  David Daniel 15,16 Nevada Art, Antiques and Collectibles
Extremely Emollient Brian Morris 17 Handcrafted and organic body, baby, and beard butters
Bouchée Confections Natalie Landsinger 18 Chocolates and other Confections
  Carmen Narvaro 19 Antiques and Collectibles
  Karla Macleod 20 Food Products, Prepackaged Olives, BBQ Sauce +
  Petra Verzosa & Mary Morales 21,22,23 Costume Jewelry and Toys, Handmade Blankets 
  Paul and Terry 24 Antiques and Collectibles
  Sandee Harris 25 Antiques and Collectibles, Vintage Christmas
  Magie Manion 28,29,30 Antiques and Collectibles, Furniture
Treasure of the Sierra Madre Antiques Glen Movey 32,33,34 Antiques and Collectibles
  Mike Holland 35 Antiques and Collectibles
  Jennie Weiger 36 Antiques and Collectibles
  Veronica Carr 39,40 Antiques and Collectibles
Classic Nevada Nadia Beekun 41,46 Stamp Collecting, Rocks and Minerals, Antiques
  Nerissa Lorenzo   Dragons, skulls and warriors figurines, ashtrays and pens
Rustic Rope N’Treasures Cheri Langus 42,47 Used cowboy rope products, rusty/rustic products, floral boots, sheds, frames
Comstock Pottery and Tile Nancy Brownrigg 48 Folk art style pottery and tile
  April Miller 44 Antiques and Collectibles
Julia C. Maxwell Silver Pattern Matching Elizabeth Maxwell 45,50 Antique Silverplate and Sterling Flatware and Hollowware, Sterling Jewelry
  Linda Grochowski 49 Jewelry, Collectibles and Avon products
  Mike Valentine 51,52,56,57 Antiques and Collectibles
Midtown Photography David Staley 53 Photo Retouching, Printing and Outdoor Advertising
  Rose Ann Capriotti 54,59 Antiques and Collectibles
  Cat Kindsfather 55 Rocks and Collectibles
SA DESIGN STUDIO Susan & Annette 60,64,65,69,70 This is our Re-Imagine Show! Saving antiques by re-purposing. Treadle sewing machines as bath vanities; old radios as bars, trunks into tables!
Meridian Relics and Rust Brenda Shrider 61,66 Handmade .. Vintage Painted Furniture .. Farmhouse Style
  Khady Saar 62 African clothing, jewelry, crafts
Scotty's Creams Roger Maxwell 63 All natural sanitizer and disinfectant and natural creams
  Linda Isaac 68 Hot Pads, Baby items, Towles and Blankets
  Dennis Canavan 71,76 Antiques and Collectibles, Dinnerware
  Ingaborg MacQuire 73 Antiques and Collectibles
  Steve Olguin 74 Antiques and Vintage Toys
  DeLynda DeLeon 75 Antiques and Collectibles
  Charles Webb 77 Sports Cards Figures Hot Wheels Comic Books
MissBeeHaven Farm Stacy Grimes 78 Raw Local Honey, Jams, Jellies, Baked Goods and Energy Balls
Jewelry and Crafts by Walt and Lorna Walt Aster 80 Jewelry and Creative wall plaques
  Jeri Hill 81 Handbags, wallets and other handmade items, a few furniture items
  Arline McCauley 83 Oil Paintings, Stuffed Animals, Tote Bags, Jewlery, Birdhouses, Needlepoint
Paparazzi Accessories James Ubben 84 Paparazzi Accessories $5 Jewelry
  Melinda Natzel 85 Antiques, Vintage Dolls, Teddy Bears
  Jayme Geston-Ward 86 Vintage furniture and home décor
  Carmen Patao 87 Antiques, jewelry, collectable glassware, ebony (ironwood) bowls & plates
daydreamworksbykim Kim Thomas 88 Upcycled silverware jewelry and handmade journals
Squigie's Treasures Sue Boudreaux 89 Antiques and Collectibles
  Darla Berg 90 Antiques, Dolls, Jewelry
  Craig Forster 93 Antiques and Collectibles
  Edward Gandolfo 94 Antiques and Collectibles
Prime Interest Antiques and Collectables Carol Pelton 95 Antiques and Collectibles
  Doug Harper 98 Sports Collectibles